Finance for you and your family

Learning how to do, maintain and respect a budget is important when you are the provider of the family, also is important to teach this to our children when they are young so they learn the real value of money and the importance of investing. The next platforms will help you with this task and improve your current financial situation.



Personal finance and bank. With a point earning system, well-trained customer service, and complimentary benefits, this app offers student and auto loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, credit card, investing, and banking 

Financial Gym

Personal Financial Trainer. This site will coach you to meet your financial goals, they work with you and your situation and make a personalized plan to improve it and teach you how to keep growing. 

Money Patrol

Personal Finance monitoring. This app helps you to organize your finances by connecting your financial accounts to monitor transactions, create alerts and insights on your movements, set budgets, receive bill reminders, and more.

Tiller Money

Keep track of your finances. Tiller will make a daily update of your finance and create a google sheet for you!. It has flexible templates and no ads, it is also easy to use, I am sure it is going to become your favorite!


Finance Management. You can manage your finances, create a custom budget, track your investments and plan for retirement - all in one place. A perfect resource if you want to see in a more visual way what are you doing with your money.


For your kids and adolescents. Teaching personal finance to our children is important and with this debit card, they will learn to take care of their money and invest it.


Banking app. They provide all the tools you need to make your money work for you: banking, stocks, investments, crypto, budgeting, you name it and they will help you with it.

Honey Money

Tracking Money habits. Honey Money will help you to understand your money habits and how to improve them. Also,  they will make a calendar with all your expenses to recognize your expense cycles.

Money gram

Money transfer. This site is for persons who live far from their families, you can transfer to more than 200 countries and territories, fast, reliable and convenient option for anyone.


Protecting your family from unpredictable situations will lead you to live a more relaxed life knowing that it doesn't matter what happens your loved ones are protected and will receive the best care. If you are a business owner there is a platform that will help you to manage your entrepreneurship.


For Business Owners and Accountants. This site will help you to manage invoices, expenses, projects, payments and more. If you have a business this tool is for you!.


Health savings account. This friendly user site will guide you every step on creating your saving plans, there is no fees for individuals nor minimum balance requirements.


Identity theft protection. You can't never be too prepared for a identity theft scam, protecting your identity is a way to protect your family’s future and security.


Insurance for renters, homeowners,cars, and pets. This app will keep what you love safe, is powered by an artificial intelligence assistance who builds a perfect plan for you from the commodity of your cellphone.


Policy genius

Compare insurance. Doesn't matter what kind of insurance you are looking for, the team will help you to get the best option among all, they proudly work for the people and not an insurance company.


Instant coverage upon approval. It will take minutes to fill the aplication and get your insurance. Rates start at $10/mo and you just have to answer a set of questions.


Producing money in passive ways will lead you to improve your financial situation and let you live a more free lifestyle, but as important is to comply with tax obligations. Here are my favorites apps and websites to do both of them!


Real Estate investment. Buy, manage and sell single family-rentals. If you are looking for a way to make money monthly this platform can help you to reach your goal.


Investing. Acorns app offers services such as investing, banking and an education option where you can learn the basics of finance and how to improve your situation. Invest what you can, when you can.

Rocket Dollar

Alternative investment. Investing is important and diversifying those options is necessary to gain more profit, this platform will help you to do that, real estate, cryptocurrency, commodities and hedge funds are some options they have for you.


Diversified Real Estate Investments. This platform will help you to build your portfolio with tangible market assets. Starting with a minimum investment of only $500, you can diversify your portfolio with one of the most attractive forms of alternative asset investment: multifamily commercial real estate


Freetax USA

E-file directly to ISR. This platform is ISR approved and has the reputation of always getting your maximum refund. The federal tax is free for everyone and is safe to use.


Tax filer. You have the option of doing it yourself while getting help from an expert or letting someone else do it for you. Either way this is a good option for those who have trouble doing their taxes every year.


While reaching a point of total financial freedom, credits and loans will help us to provide for our family, and because being in debt is not the goal I give you the best options to get loans at the lower interest in different areas.



Auto financing. This is an easier way to get funds for your vehicle, is fast and you only have to fill out some questionnaires and choose the best option for you.

Credit sesame

Credit and loan. If you are looking for a safe way to get a loan they have same security measures as banks and the government to keep your information safe and secure. 

Lending tree

Loan options. If you are in need of a home loan, insurance, business or personal loan, Lending tree is for you. The site is safe and easy to use, after some questions you can choose the loan that adapts better to your needs.


Powered Loans. This alternative to personal loans is a good option for those who are looking to get a car, pay a debt or buy something.


Free Credit report and FICO report. This platform helps you to improve yout scores using the right tools and information. This platform will let you know where your money is going and improve your savings.


Simple tools for borrowing, saving & earning. They offer low rates, payments that fit your calendar and saving money. The process takes 3 steps: check your rate, choose your loan, and get your funds.

National Debt Relief

Reduce and pay your debts. They help you to get out of debt by providing free consultation, creating a plan that goes with your lifestyle and earnings, and aiming for you to get out of debt faster.