Meet the face
behind the posts

Hello! I’m Jennifer Elaine Pierce, a professional single parent like you, and I will help you learn how to search for joy in the right places and have a full life while working on your finances.

This is a blog that will teach you how to live an easier life with a budget of 50k; Here I will share the tips and tricks I have learned throughout my experience that helped to maximize what I have and allowed me to have fun, live in comfort and provide for my loved ones.

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How it All Started

I started this program when I understood that there was a huge community of people like me. People who wanted to live their best life and remained frustrated by their obligations and the thought of not being able to afford everything they wanted. 

I struggled with debt, rent, the extended hours of work and  remained miserable because I wasn't able to do what I liked. Add a child to the equation and having fun and a joyful life was almost impossible for me.

I was in the middle of this crisis but remained hopeful and there came a moment when I was finally able to organize myself and live a full life, while also providing anything my child needed and have joy once again. 

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