From struggling to financial freedom

Hello! My name is Jennifer Elaine Pierce,  a professional and a single parent. My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself financially without sacrificing anything you have. Instead, you’ll gain more time and funds to spend with your family and friends.

I started this website when I realized that there was a huge community of like-minded people who needed a space to share ideas. people who wanted to live their best life and remained frustrated by their obligations or by the thought of not being able to afford the things they wanted. I started it for those who felt their debt was piling up or they’re never be able to save enough for their dreams.

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How it All Started

I struggled with debt, rent, and overworking, all of which left me in a constant state of tension because I wasn't able to do what I liked or provide for myself and my daughter. The idea of living a joyful life was an impossible thought to me, since all I could picture was how my problems wouldn’t allow me to be a good enough mother for my kid.

Even though I was in the middle of a crisis, I remained hopeful. There came a moment when I was finally able to organize myself and my budget. I started investing, got rid of all my debt, and began living a fulfilling life while also providing for my child’s wants and needs. How? By making my money work for me! This helped me grow and start a chapter of financial freedom in my life. Right now, my daughter and I are living the life we always dreamt of.

As a single mother, I know how difficult it can be to take and keep control of your finances while giving your kids the life they deserve. With my help, we can change this! 

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