Don't let money keep you from enjoying the pleasures of life.

Hello! My name is Jennifer Elaine Pierce. I’m a single parent and professional and I will be teaching you how to reach your financial goals by using tools that will benefit you and your family.


In my blog, I will teach you how to live an expense-controlled life and make more money through a variety of ways to invest so that you’re able to spend time with your loved ones without sacrificing your income or time.


Here I will share tips and tricks I have learned throughout my personal experience that helped me maximize my resources, provide for my loved ones, live comfortably, and have more fun while reaching my financial goals!

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You don't have to sacrifice your lifestyle!

You don't have to sacrifice your lifestyle or your child’s needs because of debt or financial problems. Income can come from different sources, many of which I am going to teach you. It is best to make your income in an easy and effective way and there is no smarter than investing in multiple alternatives...

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In my blogs, I will give you my advice and perspective to help you improve your financial situation. In my shop, you can find some of my favorite apps and website that helped me to change my situation and improve my family’s lifestyle.


Finance for you and your family, here you will find the best options to keep track on your budget and teach your children the importance of investing


Insurance and services, having an insurance is necessary to keep your family safe in case of any incident, here you will find the best options for insurance and identity theft protection


Investment and tax, learning to make money while sleeping is one of the most important abilities you can learn, so it is to know how to pay your taxes.


Loans & credits, I know sometimes we will need to borrow money so here I will tell you the best options for getting them, paying them and maintaining your score

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